Previous EXPEDIT will get a brand new contemporary glance with plywood doorways.

EXPEDIT with Plywood doorways

Since my child isn’t but twelve months outdated, he does now not but desire a larger cloth cabinet, I sought after to make use of two outdated EXPEDIT shelving devices to position his toys and books, and so on.

Additionally, he can observe opening drawers, doorways and taking away bins.

I had some plywood left over, so I sought after to make use of this to make it extra cohesive with the cloth wardrobe I had.

IKEA pieces used:
Different fabrics and gear:

EXPEDIT doorways directions:

(Because the EXPEDIT is discontinued, you’ll do the similar with the KALLAX shelving unit.)

Originally, I had some used EXPEDIT door inserts and a drawer insert, but even so the two EXPEDIT shelving devices.

After deciding the place the drawers, doorways and DRร–NA bins would are compatible very best, I took out two doorways and changed them with two plywood items (sandpapered and varnished two times).

EXPEDIT doors in plywood

Those have been additionally already minimize to the best dimension within the ironmongery store, and my brother in regulation helped me with making the holes in the best position. I used the already current door fittings.

Then, I changed all handles with new leather-based handles. And to complete it off I glued a larger plate of plywood on best of the shorter EXPEDIT as a counter.

Finally, I paired it up with a LURVIG cat space the place he can put his toys/filled animals, and a HAVERN hook rack at the facet. (My recommendation is to additionally glue this, because the EXPEDIT facets are hole).

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