An electrical toothbrush holder that helps to keep a hectic toilet arranged.

With five other people and such a lot of toothbrushes and their stands, we needed a method to organize them and stale the sink.

I considered this concept some years in the past, however Anco made any other great field prior to this.

IKEA Electrical toothbrush Holder

However in spite of everything he appreciated my concept higher as a result of we will dangle it at the wall.

We used 2 RIMFORSA holders to carry up everybody’s toothbrushes, with room for tubes of toothpaste.

IKEA pieces use different fabrics and gear:
  • Glue for wooden and steel
  • Items of broomstick with the similar diameter because the holes on the backside of the RIMFORSA
  • Double-sided tape
  • Tie-wraps

Electrical toothbrush holder hack directions:

Minimize items of broomstick (as many toothbrush holders as you need to make use of).

Glue the wooden items underneath the toothbrush holder stands. Like a stopper, the wooden will stay the toothbrush stand mounted at the RIMFORSA.

toothbrush holder stand

You should definitely align them so your toothbrush will have compatibility.

Electric toothbrush holder IKEA RIMFORSA

Stick the aluminum rails of the RIMFORSA to the wall and dangle up your new RIMFORSA toothbrush holder.

Plug within the energy, use the tie-wraps to tidy-up the facility cords.

Permit glue to correctly remedy prior to striking your toothbrushes within the holder.

Different choices:

In the beginning, we attempted to make use of plastic bottle caps as an alternative of a broomstick. However the glue wouldn’t dangle. The usage of wooden in a rainy surrounding is hard.

How lengthy and what sort of did it value?

It took two hours of labor. Maximum of it used to be looking forward to the glue to dry. It prices €16 for the RIMFORSA and a few glue.

What used to be the toughest section about this hack?

To discover a just right becoming piece of wooden to stay beneath the toothbrush holder.

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