We made up our minds to transform the IKEA LIATORP espresso desk right into a tea desk as a result of we couldn’t discover a tea field that was once sufficiently big to retailer our other teas.

We had been additionally on the lookout for a tea field with room for unfastened tea. On this IKEA tea desk, there may be that house in the midst of each and every compartment.

IKEA tea desk ideas concepts 2020

wood strips

How we made our IKEA tea desk

The LIATORP espresso desk has garage drawer beneath the glass desk most sensible. It is available in four separate compartments that will help you stay issues arranged.

However the house in each and every segment was once nonetheless too huge to correctly divide our collection of teas. And tea luggage would get jumbled up.

Love tea? You’ll be able to pass loopy over this IKEA tea desk

So that is how we divided each and every compartment:

Every compartment has dividers made of skinny picket strips: 2 dividers at 37.five centimeters and a couple of dividers at 42 centimeters.

The longest forums have 2 notches, 7 centimeters from each and every finish. The fast forums have 2 notches at 7.five centimeters from each and every finish. (The cause of that is that tea luggage aren’t sq. however oblong).


You slide the forums in combination (simply as you’ll be able to slide two part Christmas bushes in combination) at the notches. It makes an almost-square body (42 x 38 centimeters) that matches within the compartment.

Then, there are 10 particular person smaller dividers in step with compartment (to make separate tea compartments) which can be five x 7.five centimeters.

rounded edge

You glue the smaller dividers towards the lengthy forums. Every nook is done with a rounded nook. Every segment within the desk has 36 rounded corners of five centimeters.

glueing process

You want 159 centimeters (lengthy forums) + 75 centimeters (smaller dividers) = 234 centimeters of forums in step with compartment.

For the four compartments in combination this is 936 centimeters (rounded 10-meter board x five centimeters vast).

The rounded corners are 180 centimeters in step with segment. In overall this is 720 centimeters.

IKEA Tea table with dividers
IKEA Tea table with dividers
IKEA LIATORP tea table with dividers

After glueing the whole thing, we sandpapered away the tough edges and varnished the dividers.

IKEA LIATORP tea table with dividers

We arranged tea luggage within the smaller sections and unfastened leaf tea in RAJTAN spice jars.

IKEA LIATORP tea table with dividers
ikea liatorp tea table
Value and time?

I don’t take into account the prices.

Considering, drawing and measuring took through a ways probably the most time. It took about an afternoon to noticed and glue the whole thing. The glue has to dry for a minimum of 24 hours. After which any other day for the varnish to dry.

The IKEA LIATORP was once, within the first position, a just right and sensible aspect desk. However now, it’s an eyecatcher.

IKEA LIATORP tea table with dividers

All of our visitors are occupied with it. We adore to drink tea. And now that we’ve the whole thing in simple sight, we take into account to pick out other flavors. Ahead of, we drank the similar form of tea each day.

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