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A rose is a rose is a rose—or is it? Crimson roses, for example, have symbolized romance and fervour for hundreds of years. However yellow roses, which now symbolize friendship, usually symbolized jealousy in Victorian England and America.

Flowers have had completely different meanings in varied cultures and eras, relationship again to historical Egypt. The Victorians particularly took this symbolism to coronary heart. As a result of mores of the time made it tough for “respectable” individuals to precise their emotions, the center and higher courses codified a language of flowers, even compiling dictionaries of floriography. A gentleman may talk his passions together with his alternative of flowers in a nosegay—also referred to as a tussie-mussie. Likewise, the blooms a lady pinned on her costume or hat may relegate a suitor to the buddy zone with nary a phrase spoken.

Even right this moment, flora will be extremely symbolic. Under, we take a look at the symbolism of some favourite flowers that you may want to bear in mind when choosing your subsequent association, botanic paintings, or floral decor.

The easiest way to arrange carnations: Place the most voluptuous bloom in the center and bunch all of them together as tightly as possible. Sticking with one color and a relatively simple vessel gives them a luxe appeal.

The simplest solution to prepare carnations: Place probably the most voluptuous bloom within the heart and bunch all of them collectively as tightly as doable. Sticking with one shade and a comparatively easy vessel provides them a luxe enchantment.


The preferred marriage ceremony flower in China, within the West carnations are a conventional first-anniversary flower. However suppose twice about gifting purple carnations in France, the place they’re generally used at funerals. Victorians thought-about purple carnations an emblem of unpredictability. If a gentleman caller gave a lady a bouquet of purple carnations, nevertheless, he was expressing admiration. Hopefully the lady in query wouldn’t be holding yellow carnations the subsequent time he got here to pitch woo, as these symbolized rejection. Pink carnations, although, represented gratitude, and white ones purity.



Also referred to as mums (a lot to the reduction of everybody who ceaselessly has to spell their identify), chrysanthemums are one of many “4 Gents” of East Asian artwork. Together with bamboo, orchids, and plum blossoms, for hundreds of years they symbolized the noblest virtues, which is why they’re so usually seen on chinoiserie ceramics and conventional work and have been a frequent topic of poems. In Japan mums aren’t simply noble however regal: These with 16 petals symbolize the monarchy, which is typically referred to as the Chrysanthemum Throne. Whereas the flower additionally symbolizes longevity within the East (sure mums are used to make a tea stated to have well being advantages), in some European nations together with Austria, Belgium, and Italy they’re used primarily in funeral preparations. Then once more, in Australia mums are a conventional Mom’s Day (Mum’s Day) present.

Cut dahlias typically begin to wilt after three or four days. Here they’re complemented with branches of berries that will still look lovely even after the flowers have been removed. Photo by Amber Fouts.

Minimize dahlias sometimes start to wilt after three or 4 days. Right here they’re complemented with branches of berries that may nonetheless look beautiful even after the flowers have been eliminated. Photograph by Amber Fouts.


Indigenous to Mexico and South America, dahlias have come to represent inside energy, little question due partially to their hardiness. Victorians considered them as an emblem of class and lasting dedication, making them in style at weddings. A notable exception is the black dahlia, which is definitely a deep purple or burgundy. It has lengthy represented disappointment and betrayal, although due to its dramatic magnificence most individuals right this moment are keen to miss that.



In Japan hydrangeas usually accompany an apology. If you got a bouquet of hydrangeas in Nineteenth-century Britain, nevertheless, it was not an excellent factor. For Victorians, the showy flower symbolized vainness and braggadocio. Girls who turned down a suitor usually acquired hydrangeas in response to precise what the spurned gents deemed coldness. In contrast to the judgmental Victorians, right this moment we have fun the lavish blooms as symbols of abundance.

Lotus Flowers

The nationwide flower of India and Vietnam, and within the West usually conflated with the water lily, the lotus flower has been thought-about sacred for hundreds of years. A single plant can reside for so long as a thousand years, so it’s no surprise it represents longevity to the Chinese language. As a result of it blooms recent and clear above the water, regardless of its muddy roots, it symbolizes purity to Buddhists. (Pink lotus flowers symbolize the Buddha himself.) And since it seems to rise anew each morning, historical Egyptians related it with resurrection and rebirth.


Why has the orchid been related to fertility and sexuality for millennia? As a result of an historical Greek botanist named it orkhis, the phrase for part of the male anatomy that he thought the plant’s tubers resembled. Skip forward to the Nineteenth century, and orchids’ relative shortage in damp, chilly Britain, the place they could possibly be grown solely in hothouses, led Victorians to affiliate them with luxurious. It was an honor to be gifted with an orchid, and the rarer the range, the higher the giver’s esteem for the recipient.



In Asia. the peony is heralded because the King of Flowers. Throughout a number of Chinese language dynasties, peonies have been all however reserved to be used within the imperial palaces, which led them to be related to prosperity and honor. That’s one motive they’re so in style in marriage ceremony bouquets. One other is that in Victorian floriography, peonies represented purity in addition to love received. Within the West these lush flowers are thought-about fairly female, however in Japan they symbolize bravery, making them a preferred tattoo motif for males.

The soft, sweet scent of peonies make them a welcome addition to a nightstand. Photo by Lesley Unruh.

The tender, candy scent of peonies make them a welcome addition to a nightstand. Photograph by Lesley Unruh.

Before placing a bouquet of roses in a vase, consider trimming some to be shorter than others so that the arrangement looks fuller and more rounded, with each flower getting its due.

Earlier than putting a bouquet of roses in a vase, think about trimming some to be shorter than others in order that the association appears fuller and extra rounded, with every flower getting its due.


The rose as an emblem of affection and wonder dates again to historical Greece, when it was related to the goddess Aphrodite. Later, roses—notably white roses—have been recognized with the Virgin Mary, gaining a further connotation of purity. In Victorian tussie-mussies, purple roses spoke of romance, orange of fascination, darkish pink of gratitude, and light-weight pink of pleasure. However the variety of roses and what stage of bloom they have been in additionally carried that means. A single purple rosebud may need merely been a tribute to a lady’s magnificence, whereas a purple rose in full bloom would have advised ardour (within the politest means doable, in fact), and a half-dozen blooming purple roses would have been a declaration of affection.

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