My hack is named ‘Best possible Dressed Piggy’ and it’s a trend for a waistcoat for the IKEA KELGRIS pigs cushy toy.

The three little pigs of IKEA get waistcoats

(The KELGRIS is offered in a collection of three at IKEA. Discontinued in the US however nonetheless to be had on Amazon. IKEA has some other pig cushy toy referred to as KNORRIG.)

When my granddaughter’s Piggy went lacking at nursery I determined to make him a waistcoat so he could be simple to recognise.

That is fast and inexpensive to make. You could also have the fabrics at house already.

It best takes about 15 minutes.

In the event you like, that you must embellish the waistcoat with embroidery, cloth pens, applique or whatsoever you please. Older kids may make their very own.

  • Piece of felt subject matter 24cm x 8cm
  • Small piece of colored thread
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Stitching needle

Directions of IKEA pigs waistcoat

Print off the PDF trend on a sheet of A4 paper. Set printer to ‘Customized, 100%’ to get the best measurement.

waistcoat pattern

Minimize out the waistcoat trend, don’t overlook the armholes!

Position the trend at the felt and draw spherical it with a pencil. Minimize out the waistcoat.

IKEA Pigs waistcoat pattern
IKEA Pigs waistcoat pattern

Put waistcoat on Piggy and overlap the fronts. With needle and thread stitch a little bit go to carry them in combination. Completed!

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